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We have an exciting vision of establishing a welcoming storefront - a cozy haven where comic enthusiasts can lose themselves in captivating stories, where board game aficionados can revel in spirited play, all while basking in the delightful company of our charming feline friends.

This unique setting encourages interaction that is instrumental in fostering a serene atmosphere for our cats. This relaxed environment is pivotal for their seamless transition into domestic life, making them more adaptable and ready for their forever homes.

To realize this vision, we are actively raising funds to bring this dream to life. Your support will help us create a space where humans and cats can form meaningful connections, enriching lives on both ends of the spectrum.

Our mission passionately revolves around enhancing the survival prospects of rescued felines.

Empowering the lives of rescued cats is our passion and purpose. Within shelters, these feline friends often endure 24-hour confinement with minimal interaction, leading to distressing statistics. Shockingly, the Humane Society reports that up to 70% of these cats face euthanasia. This staggering loss represents countless lives that could have thrived with just a little more support. Our dedicated mission is to elevate the survival rates of rescued cats, providing them with the care they deserve.

Shelter cats miss out on crucial human interaction, hindering their chances for a cozy home. Our mission? Break this barrier. We're devoted to socializing shelter cats, stopping euthanasia. By giving them attention, care, and love, we boost their adoption prospects, securing them permanent, caring homes.


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