Our mission is to increase the survival rates of rescued cats.

Our mission

Shelter cats are caged 24 hours a day with almost no interaction with other cats or humans. The Humane Society estimates 70% of cats are euthanized in shelters. This is an incredibly alarming number of animals that could have been saved without an unreasonable effort. Our mission is to increase the survival rates of rescued cats.

Cats in shelters

are lacking the required human interaction in order to feel comfortable around them and this is yet another reason why finding homes for them becomes a challenge. Our mission is to end the killing of shelter cats by socializing them and increasing adoptions.

Cats and Comics Rescue

We aim to have a lounging space where you can read comics and play board games all while socializing with our feline friends.

This is the type of interaction that makes cats more docile and that is a key element of their reincorporation as house cats. Sometimes we tend to forget just how important cats and pets in general can be in our lives. They make us smile, they help give us more purpose, and they bring out the best in us regardless of what is happening in our personal lives. They have been there to save us in many ways and we have the chance to give back to our feline friends.


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