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I am a co-founder of Cats and Comics. I have volunteered at animal shelters for over 9 years. Unfortunately, we see cats experience stress and it takes them a little longer to trust and acclimate when they are moved to a new environment. We work with local rescues and shelters to take these cats that are less likely to get adopted and are at risk of euthanasia due to their personality.

Without creating this interactive environment, cats become more and more distrusting of people. An issue that can easily be resolve when cats are exposed to human interaction on a constant basis. This is the reason why we came up with an excellent strategy to make that happen in a way that allows people to engage in another entertaining activity as they interact with the cats.


I am the founder of Cats and Comics. I grew up reading comic books and collecting trading cards. I have visited all the comic book stores in Southern California. Most are very generic and uninviting. I grew up helping Marcie with dogs and cats from the shelter and I realized most dogs were being adopted but cats were left behind in many cases.

I want to create a space where other cat lovers can come in and spend time with the cats while reading comic books and playing tabletop games. Cats have always been so relevant in comic books and trading cards ie. Catwoman, cat themed Magic cards, and Yu-gi-oh. We have taken the time to look into the project and it will create a great way to bring the two together so that more feline lives can be saved.


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